Bits to Freedom started with Crypto Picasso’s idea to reach personal financial freedom for himself and his family, regardless of resources and location. In 2014, Picasso took his 10 years of Forex and stock trading experience and applied it to these new, untapped cryptocurrency markets. His results were remarkable. After a few years of testing, he realized he was onto something amazing.

Bits to Freedom is driven by a mission to help put cryptocurrency trading within reach of everyone, regardless of your current trading experience. Whether you are looking to trade based solely on specific signals and instructions, or looking to learn to analyze and trade for yourself, Bits to Freedom has you covered.


Crypto Picasso, Co-Founder, Bits to Freedom, is one of the most sought after Forex and crypto-currency traders in the market today. A serial entrepreneur and veteran trader, Picasso is the Co-Founder and Lead Instructor for Bits To Freedom, an innovative crypto-currency education and trade signals platform.

Built upon his early years as an entrepreneur and experience as a successful Forex trader, Picasso developed his own unique trading system to accurately predict the markets using Elliot Wave Theory, Crowd Behavior and its Fibonacci relationship to build a successful brand and generate over 7 figures in profit.

In addition to running Bits To Freedom, he also serves as a mentor to many new traders in the crypto currency market. He is a well known influencer for providing educational content and theories on trading strategies for the crypto-currency community.

Originally from East Coast USA , Picasso now lives full-time in Costa Rica with his family, where he spends most of his time developing new content  for Bits To Freedom members and enjoying the amazing surf.


Ivan Paychecks is a serial entrepreneur, hyper growth marketer and the co-founder of Bits To Freedom, an innovative crypto-currency education and trade signal platform. He is responsible for operations and growing the platform to almost 5000 members worldwide, 700 customers and booking revenues of almost $2 million.  

Ivan is also the CEO of media company Refuse To Lose, a successful multi-media company geared towards furthering the crypto-currency industry. 

Born and raised in Queens to immigrant parents of Columbia, Ivan was no stranger to hustle and shrewd economics. Ivan rose to prominence in the early 2000’s after establishing and growing several retail, music, hospitality and marketing businesses under his watch to over $30mm+ in sales and book value. 

Convinced that there was more to life than the traditional business grind, Ivan pursued a full time career as a Public Speaker, Trader and Investor in the blossoming Crypto-Currency market. He connected with his partner Crypto Picasso and began to form the early stages of what is now the Bits To Freedom platform. 

  • Since subscribing to Crypto Picasso’s signals and training, and learning how to trade, my portfolio is up triple digits. Crypto Picasso’s style of trading and teaching is honest, non-emotional and rational.

  • I’ve been a subscriber of Bits to Freedom Signals and Training for only 4 months and I’ve already converted my slow-growing retirement fund into a 250% ROI. Thanks, Crypto Picasso. I’m squarely on the road financial freedom!